Vaastu for Residential or Commercial

Vaastu for Residential or Commercial

‘Vastu Shastra’ is one of the many great sciences that have come to us from the ‘Vedas’ or the knowledge books of India. The Ancient Indian Vedic Texts mention that living in Vastu Homes lead to the following Positive Effects: Good Health, Wealth and Happiness for Everyone,Increased Good Fortune,Good Reputation,Prosperity, Abundance,No Problems in Private and Professional Life Stablility, Peace of Mind and Well Being etc.

The interiors of each business relevant to its working needs and style can be made Vastu appropriate and Vastu compliant with innovative planning of work Space in terms of usage, flexibility and business values. Vastu is an ancient architectural science that balances the five elements in any environment bringing maximum productivity and success.

Consultation includes ( Can be customized based on your Need)

Vaastu 2-3 Visit, Map ,Vastu Report , Remedies Report, Colur Therapy suggestions, Space Programming , Entrances Toilets , Mirror Effects ,Astrology of client for home , Bed Directions, Study table, Scanning for Rooms and Energy Vaastu Solutions Complete Solutions.

3 Levels Vaastu

• Body Vaastu

  • Planets, Hormones, Gemstones, Astrology
  • Body scanning energy
  • Healing
  • Oils to remove any kind of negative effect
  • Oils for health
  • Oils for business
  • Salts for cleansing
  • Astro chart
  • Remedies
  • Gemstone suggestion

• Structure Vaastu

    • Then Vaastu remedies with colour or direction rods
    • Brahma sutra
    • 45 devtas scanning in home
    • Braham than activating any gemstone to put on floor given by client
    • All Entrance doors
    • Kitchen
    • Toilets
    • Mirrors
    • Position
    • Colour
    • Existing built up property without destruction and virtually cutting for each toilets or problem area without effecting the whole site

• Earth Vaastu – Geopathic Stress

      • 5 Elements balancing on Ground
      • Energy Rods for deep negative pool of energies
      • Panchmahaboot
      • Energy rods are scientifically proven to reduce the negative effects from ground made of minerals and gemstone powders and make the negative energy neutralize.
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