Reiki is an unseen universal cosmic energy that passes through your body, your mind, and your soul. The Reiki energy flows strongly from your body parts not covered by hair- this includes your palm, feet, and lips. It is the cosmic power within you, which you’ve been carrying around since your birth. The only problem here is, that you haven’t yet known about it. Most likely, you haven’t yet channelled it to your benefit.

Reiki healing by Shreem Om is a safe, non-intrusive healing technique. In our Reiki healing sessions, we help the client access the universal cosmic energy within them, which is also described in various traditions as their ‘prana’, their ‘chi’ or their ‘ki’.

We act as a channel to allow life-enhancing cosmic energy to flow to you, which helps thereon address physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances, removing any blockages whatsoever at all these levels. It is extremely beneficial in helping a person recover from a disease or an injury. Case and point being the recent ‘magical’ revelations, where patients suddenly recover from life threatening diseases in less than three months.

The positive flow of energy through Reiki also helps you overcome the inevitable modern day stress and depression. It helps bring a clarity in your vision, and, in your spiritual growth.

During our Reiki sessions, you may experience a powerful force of energy moving through you. You may also feel subtle energy shifts, that mimics an experience which is soothing and titillating. You’ll feel the release of the mental stress, or an easing of physical symptoms.

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