Radiation Protection At work Place

Radiation Protection At work Place

How can radiation exposure in the workplace be reduced?

The workplace is mostly surrounded by technology, so it is usually the protection against radiation by eg. Electrosmog very difficult to impossible. The intensive use of PC and IT communication systems can have a significant impact on health, including more frequent sick leave. The existence and effect of geopathic interference fields further intensify this situation.

A healthy workplace promotes fun, enjoyment, job performance and quality

Our geobiologists give you an insight into the existing situation and present solutions – both for employers and employees. Based on our research and practical work, we had to limit the legal limits. Radiation exposure is often too high and therefore uses the Salzburger Vorsorgewerte for EMF classification and technical scrubbing.

Our goal is the health of the employee. Therefore, the recommendation of our geobiologists will usually be well below the legal standard. If you would like confirmation of compliance with the legal limits, we may not be the right contact for you. If a healthy workplace is always your topic, then we are happy to help you reach this goal.

Which protective measures can be implemented with a workplace rehabilitation?

Technical radiation, starting from the power cable, W-LAN and mobile Internet, computer (workstation), etc. can be analyzed. Subsequent advice on how to effectively reduce electromagnetic stress is mandatory. These include, for example, repositioning the desk, shielded cables, etc.

Also, geopathic fault zones of natural origin are effectively shielded – usually easy, fast and not directly visible by the staff.

In any case, you will experience “eye-opening” moments. It is likely that you will see connections between radiation incidence and sick leave or work performance among employees.

We look forward to every request from a company if the healthy workplace of the employee becomes an issue. To perform the geobiological measurement, we will actively work with you. We will try to keep the ideal times for you to disrupt your business as little as possible. Or talk to us about a regular post-office check-up, which is often the best way to complete the exam in detail, with the least amount of time and the least cost of the investigation.

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