Improve Building Design Consultancy

Improve Building Design Consultancy

The building design is important for wellness and happiness – You must have heard of unhappy departments in organizations of unhappy homes – you must also have heard of the term ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ – these terms are all measurable in the world of geopathic and electromagnetic science.

Improving building design is essential for positive energy flow for homes, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, nurseries, schools, etc.The best practice is to involve the consultant at assessment level before signing dotted lines of the structure to be purchased or design to be finalized

We engage with our clients and we pre-assess the design of the building and advise with our scientific gadgets if the design is compatible for the organization depending on the type or function required of the structure when identified with the business culture. For example, an office or organization which requires lots of networking area to increase business will be advised the best design keeping in line with geo and EMF mitigations so that executives engaged in long hours of networking will still have the necessary energy to seal the deals.

Our Consultancies are as follows:

  • Geopathic Stress and Sick Building Consultancy
    Geopathic Stress is the earth stress and due to rampant construction without evaluating if the terrain we are building on is above underground water, over a lay line or near modern electrical or electronic emission, our structures are susceptible to geopathic stress and to WHO statement ’30 percent of buildings are sick buildings’ – we at Shreem International Consultancy are proud to offer our consultancy services to home builders, real estate owners, architects, landscape
  • Radiation Free Building And Structure
    The energy flow in radiation free buildings cannot be stressed enough as it keeps the people in the structures productive and happy – be it home or workspace
    Today there are EMF socket breakers, oxygen-filled mattresses, radiation neutralizing mats (to be placed under the cots or mattresses), wall paints, blinds and even curtains which box homes and structures from radiations from nearby telephone poles or electromagnetic surrounded structures
    Consult us for building design and energy efficient products and usages to make healthy designs with Electromagnetic field mitigations
  • Solar Panel Installation – Control Radiation for long term suitable energy
    Going solar is the solution to avoid the health hazard of electromagnetic fields (EMF). Connect with us for consultation
  • Space Lift
    An integral part of a good structure are the following aspects:
    1. Balancing 5 elements in buildings
    2. Color Therapy
    3. Re-arrangement of objects
    4. De-cluttering – space cleaning
    5. Re-charge the space
    6. Interior Solutions on request
    Consult us for the total balance where health and wealth find the needed energy and space
  • Holistic Design

The intention needs to be tuned to space as per solar, potential or kinetic energy. Holistic interior design today takes into account what your client wants to feel when they are in the room – it also takes into account how they want to express themselves in such surroundings and feel in harmony Holistic Interior design is simply translating what your client needs to express on a soul level to feel at peace in their home. Holistic interiors re-energize the occupants from a long day of work by boosting their mood or making relaxation easier or finally creating a space to help them make the time for that hobby they’ve been interested in Holistic Interior Design puts all of the pieces together and strives to bring delight, wellness, and contentment to the people using the spaces we design for them – another factor we advise on the 5 Elements Approach for the completion of the holistic effect in your building.

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