We are surrounded by energies- mostly beneficial, but some, detrimental for human health.

Why do these energies pose harm to human health?

Energies operate through vibrations, the most impactful power of all. Devoid of material, they possess the power of being immune to hindrances with substance.

Electromagnetic radiations being emitted from earth’s natural sources — magnetic grid lines, underground water streams, fossil deposits, building materials such as granite, mobile phones, computers, transmission towers, server rooms, and so on, contribute to maleficent effect on the health in human beings, as well as the performance of machines. These ‘Geopathic Stresses’, which areradiations emitted from earth’s sources, are 200 times stronger than the average energy level of the human body- more often than not, ‘negative’ in nature.

The relationship between nature and human was created to be reciprocal. Unfortunately, given our modern lifestyle and ungrateful attitude, and widespread pollution have contaminated the earth to an irreversible level. Since we are connected through an omnipresent universal energy, it has negatively impacted the human lifestyle as well.

The science of Vastu Shastra has been an integral part of both personal and business’ progress. Earth’s disconnection and geopathic stress provoke negative vibrations among people, thereby hampering natural emotions. We calibrate global energies at high levels using Vaastu, helping people maintain positive relationships and ethical respect, especially towards females.

In offices, we also ensure that the ‘vastulogical’ norms for sitting arrangement, orientation and location are maintained according to the hierarchy.


Numerology is a science that deals with the power of the numbers. Each number carries an energy and vibration of its own. Your unique personality and your destiny draw powers from the numbers in your life, be it your date of birth, or the numbers associated with the letters of your name.

Pythagoras, the ancient greek mathematical genius, was believed to be the founder of Numerology. Having discovered the power of numbers through the theorem, through music (which also functions through vibrations, by the way!), and through irrational numbers, could not have possibly been unknowing of this magical mystique.

Instead of operating in the Great Unknown, Numerology helps you recognise the major clues of how you’re supposed to go about life. Being in use for over 10,000 years, the science of numerology has been tapped into to get accurate revelations into one’s personality and destiny, including their prospects for power, success, marriage and happiness.

Chakra Scanning

According to Albert Mehrabian’s research, it is observed that only seven percent of our communication is done verbally.  The rest of the cluster is self-implicating, taking place subconsciously. We are able to gauge reactions from people and things around us, with regards to the whole 100%. These reactions largely depend on the changes in the auric field around us.

Chakras are the aura or energy centres. Though most practitioners have heard of only seven chakras, given the complexity of the human body, there are actually 114 chakras in our body. Not just that, it also has 72,000 ‘nadis’, or energy channels, along with which the vital energy, or “prana,” moves.

Surrounding all living beings is this unseen shield of energy, that the psychics call ‘the Aura’. It is a blaze of millions of colours, which can only be seen with clairvoyant vision. It is as unique, and as complex, as your DNA.

In today’s day and age, however, it has become possible for even a non-psychic person to see their own, or someone else’s, aura using an aura or chakra scanner. A modern day Chakra scanner is a technological marvel that is far more sophisticated than the well-known Kirlian photography.

We scan and understand the status of your physical health by scanning the body and organs for any sign of weakness or disease. We remove any imbalances and harmonize your energy body by balancing your chakras. This helps remove any blockages and obstacles, leaving your future and destiny unhindered by any outside force. The only force that drives you now, is your potential.


Reiki is an unseen universal cosmic energy that passes through your body, your mind, and your soul. The Reiki energy flows strongly from your body parts not covered by hair- this includes your palm, feet, and lips. It is the cosmic power within you, which you’ve been carrying around since your birth. The only problem here is, that you haven’t yet known about it. Most likely, you haven’t yet channelled it to your benefit.

Reiki healing by Shreem Om is a safe, non-intrusive healing technique. In our Reiki healing sessions, we help the client access the universal cosmic energy within them, which is also described in various traditions as their ‘prana’, their ‘chi’ or their ‘ki’.

We act as a channel to allow life-enhancing cosmic energy to flow to you, which helps thereon address physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances, removing any blockages whatsoever at all these levels. It is extremely beneficial in helping a person recover from a disease or an injury. Case and point being the recent ‘magical’ revelations, where patients suddenly recover from life threatening diseases in less than three months.

The positive flow of energy through Reiki also helps you overcome the inevitable modern day stress and depression. It helps bring a clarity in your vision, and, in your spiritual growth.

During our Reiki sessions, you may experience a powerful force of energy moving through you. You may also feel subtle energy shifts, that mimics an experience which is soothing and titillating. You’ll feel the release of the mental stress, or an easing of physical symptoms.


The power of smelling the most unbeatable sense in the human body. Unlike all the other nervous sensors that require direct connection to the spinal cord, the digestive tract, or the circulation to take effect, the ability to smell connects to the limbic system in the brain. It can induce emotional as well as physical actions. The limbic system is essential to the blood pressure, hormone levels, stress, heart rate, and respiratory system, covering essentially the whole body.

Aromatherapy is a magical tool, because it manoeuvres to the user- each scent is received in a different manner by each receptor.

These carry a wide range of benefits, including battling depression, tranquilizing, sedation, hormonal release, and that of endorphins.

Aromatherapy begins from the stage of extraction- at ShreemOhm, we have a team of expert therapists who are well equipped with the knowledge of the roots and the bark. Lavender squeezed from the flower does not guarantee the same effect regardless of its age.

Aromatherapy as a practice has been used as a sign of devotion and respect to the gods. Egyptians are believed to have begun this practice over 3000 years ago, when they used a wide range of scents, in a myriad of ways. Then came the French, who realised that those living near lavender fields proved to be 60% more happy than those who lived near any other. The magic of the scent spread throughout the world, and soon, countries like India, china, and Britain caught on.

Although seemingly harmless, the wrong proportion, or mixture can cause tumours, liver damage, and acne. Impure oils are rampant in the market, causing widespread detrimental effects to the people. It is only best you consult and purchase these oils from someone who does it by hand.

Crystal Therapy

The human body not just has a very complex build, but also carries a very complex electromagnetic system. Nature, on the other hand, has created crystals to be perfect electromagnetic conductors. This puts them in synchrony with the human body, capable of interacting with our electromagnetic system. Crystals carry vibrations that activate certain positive energy chakras within our body.
Crystal Therapy is an ancient science of healing. This is done by generally placing these tools on or around the body. Crystals have been used to restore balance and harmonize the mind and body for ages now. They have been used as a tool to help release and clear negative energy, thereby assisting in energy healing.
Records of crystal healing have been traced to as far back as the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. Information about the use of Crystal Therapy for healing can also be found in India’s Ayurvedic records, and the traditional Chinese medicines, dating back to more than 3000 BC.
In crystal therapy, it is believed that each chakra has its own colour, and if crystals of the same colour are placed on that associated chakra, it affects a particular area of the body.
Inherent properties of a crystal make them beneficial and invaluable in the healing of a number of ailments including allergies, orthopaedic problems, chest issues, and kidney and liver problems.

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