Geoptahic Stress Rectification

Geoptahic Stress Rectification

A healthy life is an important and good sleep is important to fight disease more effectively and replenish our energy reserves overnight. But if we are sleeping on stress lines then our energy is drained and our sleep will not refresh us – there are a few things you need to do yourself but there are others which you need to add as products to neutralize the stress lines – see our product section for mattresses, mats below mattresses, geo rods, blinds/curtains as well as geo neutralizing black paints
There is more than just geo stress or earth stress, there is the electromagnetic stress due to the various electromagnetic fields  which operate in the structures we work and the homes we live

Your Shreem International  Consultant will guide you through this process by conducting a thorough assessment of your home or office to investigate the causes for the geo stress and electromagnetic stress as well as the geo stress points and electromagnetic effects and draw out a plan with appropriate products that suit your lifestyle and budget.

Once the rectification starts, you will be advised by your consultant on how the difference can be felt and in how much time – detection of symptoms of geo and electromagnetic stress will also be advised by the consultant

The first step, therefore, is to engage the consultant

The team comprises of the chief consultant with a support team who have extensive training in electrobiology and geobiology. Of these, most have a scientific background and come from different disciplines, including medicine, electrical engineering, physics, computer science, and architecture. This interdisciplinary cooperation provides our patients/clients with a solid and sound knowledge base to help them analyze their electronic pollution or Geopathic stress exposure.

Shreem consultants need 2 to 3 hours to assess the electro or geo problems and then a cost is advised to the client This way, anybody can receive very important insights into what may be burdening their health or recovery.

If you are not living within the boundaries of  Shreem International Consultancy which is UAE and Poland we can then see if a consultant may be traveling to your area or we can organize for this to happen. Shreem International directors and trainers are frequently flown around on customers requests and for lectures and presentations

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