Electron Photon Imaging for Employees

Electron Photon Imaging for Employees

Energy Field – Measure the energy field of a person which reflects an energetic state and state of mind and emotions as well.

Stress Measure – Measures level of a person’s stress from this indicator, one gets the dynamics of changes expected.

Energy Scan – It assesses the energy balance of the state of the right and left hands. This is very important when choosing methods for correcting one’s state of self.

Chakra Measure – Here the machine measures the chakra status before and after balance.

Wellness Status – Assesses the wellness status and human energy potential. The analysis occurs when the characteristics of the glow of the fingers are used.

Environment Analysis – Environmental analysis for a long time with subsequent processing of data.


  • Body Energy Field Measurements
  • Body Meridians Readings
  • Chakra Measurements
  • Emotional well being
  • Stress, Anxiety Level Measurement
  • Ayurveda 5 elements Readings
  • 5 senses Readings
  • Acupressure stress points Readings
  • Bio Rhythms readings
  • Effects of environment on body (home -office )
  • Left and Right Body Energy Measurement (ying or yang)
  • Day to Day Transformation data
  • Functional and energetic conditions of body organs
  • Each organ, glands and nerves Energy Measurement
  • Changes in body electromagnetic fields due to environmental spaces or weather or situations
  • Inner being (Introvert) or Social Life ( Extrovert ) Detail Analysis
  • Detailed Self Care session for personal growth on three levels

(physical, emotional, psychological)


  • You ,Your Team ,Your Organization
  • Practice alternative approach to employee wellness
  • Realign conscious living and workflow
  • Invest on employees -Create strong foundation
  • Creating more Tolerance between each department for growth
  • Creating Vibrational Office Coherence

GDV camera is not medical instrument it measures energy filed and stress of individual.


  • Better Productivity
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Positive Energy Flow
  • Healthy Work force
  • Tune in to Happiness in each cell each body
  • Focus on Emotional Well being
  • Better Health
  • Reduce in Insurance Premiums
  • HR tool to Hire quality well balanced staff
  • Sales tool to hire quality sales team
  • Management tool to review the patterns of each department
  • Personality development
  • Stress Management
  • Boosting sales force
  • Leadership skills
  • Detox Behavior patterns
  • Transformation Tools on Consciousness
  • Self Care Sessions – real hand on tools for alignment and set the rhythm right
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