Chakra Scanning

Chakra Scanning

According to Albert Mehrabian’s research, it is observed that only seven percent of our communication is done verbally. The rest of the cluster is self-implicating, taking place subconsciously. We are able to gauge reactions from people and things around us, with regards to the whole 100%. These reactions largely depend on the changes in the auric field around us.

Chakras are the aura or energy centres. Though most practitioners have heard of only seven chakras, given the complexity of the human body, there are actually 114 chakras in our body. Not just that, it also has 72,000 ‘nadis’, or energy channels, along with which the vital energy, or “prana,” moves.

Surrounding all living beings is this unseen shield of energy, that the psychics call ‘the Aura’. It is a blaze of millions of colours, which can only be seen with clairvoyant vision. It is as unique, and as complex, as your DNA.

In today’s day and age, however, it has become possible for even a non-psychic person to see their own, or someone else’s, aura using an aura or chakra scanner. A modern day Chakra scanner is a technological marvel that is far more sophisticated than the well-known Kirlian photography.

We scan and understand the status of your physical health by scanning the body and organs for any sign of weakness or disease. We remove any imbalances and harmonize your energy body by balancing your chakras. This helps remove any blockages and obstacles, leaving your future and destiny unhindered by any outside force. The only force that drives you now, is your potential.

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