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The power of smelling the most unbeatable sense in the human body. Unlike all the other nervous sensors that require direct connection to the spinal cord, the digestive tract, or the circulation to take effect, the ability to smell connects to the limbic system in the brain. It can induce emotional as well as physical actions. The limbic system is essential to the blood pressure, hormone levels, stress, heart rate, and respiratory system, covering essentially the whole body.
Aromatherapy is a magical tool, because it manoeuvres to the user- each scent is received in a different manner by each receptor.

These carry a wide range of benefits, including battling depression, tranquilizing, sedation, hormonal release, and that of endorphins.

Aromatherapy begins from the stage of extraction- at ShreemOhm, we have a team of expert therapists who are well equipped with the knowledge of the roots and the bark. Lavender squeezed from the flower does not guarantee the same effect regardless of its age.

Aromatherapy as a practice has been used as a sign of devotion and respect to the gods. Egyptians are believed to have begun this practice over 3000 years ago, when they used a wide range of scents, in a myriad of ways. Then came the French, who realised that those living near lavender fields proved to be 60% more happy than those who lived near any other. The magic of the scent spread throughout the world, and soon, countries like India, china, and Britain caught on.

Although seemingly harmless, the wrong proportion, or mixture can cause tumours, liver damage, and acne. Impure oils are rampant in the market, causing widespread detrimental effects to the people. It is only best you consult and purchase these oils from someone who does it by hand.

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